Foodie Heaven at Edgewater Beach Hotel

Edgewater Beach Hotel is located along the pristine beaches of Naples, Florida; a less crowded stretch of beach with high end shops and an attentiveness to conservation.

We spent much of our time on the enormous porch, complete with a large table and comfy chairs, just soaking in the water and nightly sunsets.

Aside from modern suites with full kitchens, multiple luxurious bedrooms and wood-style tile floors, the resort boasts a “double pool” courtyard and fire pit area right on the ocean front. And the food, oh my goodness the food; it left us speechless.

The chef at Edgewater takes immense pride in locally sourcing flavorful ingredients. While some items, like the lobster, come from areas that specialize in that ingredients, like Maine, a strong effort is put forward to purchase seafood and veggies from vendors in the area.


Start your day with a choice of finely brewed black coffee or a stevia sweetened cappuccino with cloud-like foam piled on top. I opted for the cappuccino of course, but went completely unsweetened so I could truly taste the coffee’s attributes. Sugar smothers good coffee.

You will never be content with cereal again after trying the Lobster Eggs Benedict with Maine Lobster, a fresh English muffin, and hollandaise sauce. The creamy combo can be complimented with your choice of side, but the scallion topped, crispy potatoes serve as substantially tasty fuel for a day in the water.

Sweet as candy fruit, like blackberries and melon can fill in for starchy potatoes if you are looking to go on the lighter side. The lobster and egg combo is extremely filling, so this is a good choice too.

Steak that slices like butter, along with melt in your mouth, yet firm eggs rank right beside the lobster. Low carb approved.

Cookie Bar

We didn’t eat lunch at the resort, but we did head over to the cookie bar which is available mid-afternoon. Chocolate chip, double chocolate and macadamia cookies are yours for the taking. Don’t worry, a dispenser of chilled milk completes the bar. An assortment of teas and fruit are set out for something a little lighter.

Beach Service

While lounging on your beach bed (not chairs…bed), a small flag can be raised if you’d like to place an order for drinks or snacks, like fish tacos. Service is prompt, friendly and extremely convenient, meaning you can lounge all day. And that’s exactly what we did; a little napping, some swimming, more napping.


Dinner was just as spectacular as breakfast. We started with an artisianal cheese plate which made me fall in love with more bold cheeses like Brie and Blue. Apricot jam, a spicy mustard and crisp crackers complimented the robust assortment. Even my picky brother enjoyed it.

After the cookie bar, I decided to go ultra low carb with crispy snapper and sautéed bok choy, brocolini and tri-colored carrots. A light garlic sauce coated every veggie and macadamia nuts gave the fish more complexity in texture and taste.

My fellow travelers gave the grouper and steak a try; the grouper could be closely compared to the snapper, but I’m not a fish connoisseur…they were both mild in fish taste and perfectly seasoned. The steak was soft and seared with the right amount of pink in the middle. Bacon mashed potatoes flowed from underneath the steak; talk  about a match made in heaven.

We were at Edgewater for a blink, but had some of the best foodie experiences on our trip here. The chef puts a great deal of attentiveness and care into his culinary creations, and that is what makes the difference.


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