A Simple Day in Jackson Hole Wyoming

A simple day in Wyoming. Simple is beginning to sound better and better to me as each year passes. Sure, I love exciting and festive as much as anyone, but sometimes, I really need simplicity. I need to slow down and soak this life in. Which is exactly what we did during a part of our visit to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

While on an eco tour, hitting a lot of amazing places…our guide told us of a very serene, almost untouched place. The calculation of how far we would have to walk in knee deep snow was a bit off, but oh, SO worth it !

It seemed like more of a two mile hike instead of the 3/4 of a mile estimate that first made it so tempting. It was definitely a work out, which is a good thing. As we approached the “sweet spot” of the magical wonderland around us, the “work” part began to quickly fade.

With every few steps we took, the picture perfect barns and old, once occupied homesteads began to appear from behind the fuzzy white veil. Trees delicately filled with soft snow were untouched. Our cameras couldn’t capture the beautiful serenity and rustic beauty fast enough.

Then that simple, yet breathtaking moment I was craving took over. Standing there taking it all in, we weren’t yet aware of the astounding beauty behind us. Sure, we knew the mountains were there. We saw them up close as we began our first steps toward this memory of a lifetime. As I looked slightly over my shoulder I caught a glimpse of where the term “wow factor” must have come from. From that point I felt like I was captured in a slow motion movie scene. As I turned around I took in a panoramic view of the most gorgeous sight I believe I have ever seen. There they were…The Grand Tetons ! Majestic is a massive understatement! Only God could take rocks, trees and snow and turn it into that !

We had no internet. No special toys or sleds. Other than the necessary bottles of water we took with us, we had no concerns of, or yearning for food and snacks. But to me…it was hands down one of the most beautiful, enjoyable, fun and memorable times of my life. It was a winter playground all to ourselves. An endless supply of snow that I had always dreamed of. Playing in it, building snowmen, making snow angels, throwing arms full of frozen white sparkles into the air and feeling it softly falling on our faces. Feeling temporarily like a child again.

Although surrounded by snow everywhere…and enjoying it for hours…we never felt uncomfortably cold. Maybe it was the soft powdered snow which is very different from the ice we have in Georgia. Or being overwhelmed by the indescribable beauty in every direction. Possibly we were distracted by natures gorgeous photo props and the Grand Tetons as a backdrop. Or the simple fun we were having as a family. Beauty, fun and family. It really is the simple things that mean the most.

Where is it?

Located on Mormon Row within the Teton Mountains, the “Pink House” sets out in an open Valley. In the winter, you’ll have to hike, as closer roads are closed.

Always take precautions when hiking; keep track of where you are, dress in layers, and bring anything else you might need!


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