Authentic Sailing with Danger Charters

When in Key West, finding a tour that takes you out into the water is one of the best ways to enrich your trip. Danger Charters floats passengers out to the teal sea that wraps around the island, and into the Key West National Wildlife Refuge for a deeper experience of the southernmost island’s natural surroundings.

Half Day Tour

We embarked on our half-day snorkeling and kayaking trip aboard a traditional schooner; a classic wooden sail boat. We watched the crew pull ropes and release sails like they did back in the day, all while a particularly colorful guide sang a Backstreet Boys pirate shanty…you read that right. It truly added to the experience.


The captain pulled into a secluded part of the water for a “private island” atmosphere while snorkeling. Only us, and a handful of other traveler’s were on the tour, so we were able to spread out nicely. While we weren’t along a reef, we saw a barracuda (yikes!), and a variation of other fish while puttering through the emerald, clear as glass, water. All of our gear was provided and the water-level platform on the side of the boat made loading and unloaded a piece of cake.

Snacks and Booze

Included in our adventure were snacks like chips, salsa and fresh fruit, along with all-you-can-drink wine and beer. There’s obviously a reason this isn’t offered until after snorkeling. Soft drinks and water are available for underage mates.


With some having a beer in hand, we boarded our kayaks with a chosen partner. Again, this was easy with the platform, so if you aren’t particularly agile, you’ll be fine. Our informative, comedic guide led us toward the lone magroves situated in the middle of the shallow ocean, where he began sharing history and fun facts about the Eco system. We saw turtles, crab, fish and other wildlife while winding through the paths inside the mangrove. Being inside these strange tree canopies was surreal and quite relaxing.

Kayaking was a workout no doubt, but the perfect way to see all the Key’s have to offer…up close. You just can’t immerse yourself, fully, into the beauty of Key West, or any other Key, without going out on the water with people who really know the area.

Simply Sailing

Kayaking and snorkeling were the obvious highlights, but sailing alone was intriguing and exciting. The bottom of the boat was, at times, feet away from the boulder floor; every seat on the schooner was prime for viewing fish and vibrant sea foliage .

I’ve never seen in an old fashioned sail boat in action, so I’m thrilled we ended up on this particular snorkeling and kayak tour. Our captain educated us a bit on charting and mapping, which helped us truly appreciate our modern navigation systems!

Danger Charters also hosts sunset cruises if you just want to sit back, relax and have a drink. Fishing tours are available as well. If you are going out in the water, every part of the experience can be completely awesome.

Photo Credit: Danger Charters

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