Gorham Mountain Trail in Acadia: Quick Tips

Gorham Mountain is in Acadia National Park in Maine. Here’s some helful tips before you set out.

There’s parking located on the Park Loop Road, at the trail’s head.

Round trip, the hike is barely under 2 miles. But don’t be fooled, moving over the terrain is a work out.

Plan to spend at least 2 hours hiking.

At the beginning, the trail is lined with many trees and inclines slowly.

Midway up, you’ll notice more rocks and a slightly steeper incline.

If in season, you may find delicious blueberries along the path! We went in the fall, and only saw some pretty pine cones.

There’s also some sweet crevices/caves to see.

Drink in the views at the top, they are some of the best you’ll see in Acadia. Cadillac Mountain is awesome too, and you can drive there.

Otter Cliff, Otter Point, Baker Island, and the Cranberry Islands are some of the things you’ll see from the summit.

It’s easy to veer off onto other paths when descending. Some of these are much rockier, with metal rungs you’ll have to use as a latter.

Stone path markers help keep you on track. You’ll notice the carefully placed rocks along the path.

When you are done, treat yourself to a lobster roll from the Travelin Lobster; you’ve just completed a moderate rated hike! But really, it’s doable for most, while working the buns pretty good.

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