The Omni Grove Park Inn: ghost host

Wolves are howling, leaves are changing, Halloween is drawing near; cold winds blow, days get darker, thrilling souls seek out fear.

See the crimson mountain color, feel your body fill with chills; let your heart pound with fright, as you turn your site to the Asheville hills.

Welcome to The Omni Grove Park Inn

A breathtaking hotel, oozing with history; boredom seldom ensues, in a stay filled with mystery.

Built for the Ages, stories flow within; a restless spirit moves about, the Omni Grove Park Inn.

Strolling through the halls, or in the lobby for a drink; you may gain a companion, a lady dressed in pink.

A radiant young woman, met a fate not so bright; from a balcony she slipped, on a 1920s night.

Room five four five is where she often dwells, as it’s the fateful room, from which the beauty fell.

Maybe an accident, or a vengeful lovers spat; But that she fell to her death, remains the only fact.

She’s known for her shenanigans, not being too discrete; you may see a light flicker, or feel a tickle on your feet.

She’s not a haunting spirit, but a prankster some may say; she follows closely to the young ones, but only wants to play.

She watches over ill children, as if to wish them well; perhaps she longed to be a mother, but no one for sure can tell.

A spooky pink mist, slowly sweeping down the hall; She appears preserved in time, dressed for an elegant ball.

Terror may wave over, if you hear bumping in the night; although her death was tragic, she does not seek to fright.

Cozy up in the lobby, by grand fireplaces of stone; a rocking chair may sway beside you, because you’re not alone.

A luxurious retreat, having hosted the famous and rich; the surroundings, or perhaps the Pink Lady, will have you blissfully bewitched.

The Omni Grove Park Inn was built in 1913, and serves as one of the most remarkable Arts and Crafts hotels, to this day. The story of the Lady in Pink is quite real, and guests claim to have experienced her friendly presence over the years. Joshua P. Warren, an expert on ghostly phenomenon, recorded scientific evidence to substantiate the tale. It’s enough to send shivers down your spine and get you in the mood for Halloween.



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