Berry Picking at Southern Belle Farm

Exploration and travel can happen in your own back yard; since we can’t be on the road all of the time we make the best of what is around us. We may have to drive a bit to get to certain places, but many are still a reasonable enough distance to be a great day trip. Today we ventured out to Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, Georgia.

Southern Belle offers seasonal fun and many activities, but really ramps up in the spring and summer with their “pick your own” selection of fruit. Strawberries debut in the spring while blackberries, peaches and blueberries follow in the summer. Right now, the blackberry bushes are loaded with plump berries, while some are still red, meaning there will be plenty to last the season.

For 13$, we got a gallon bucket filled to the brim with berries; you get to keep the bucket too. Picking is easy for adults and little ones as the bushes are well groomed, thornless and lined in neat, well spread out rows. There were a lot of people there today, but we had plenty of our own space to leisurely pick. It’s nice to get out in the sun for a few and do something unique to the summer season.

As if the blackberries weren’t phenomenal enough, the country store/farmers market at the top of the hill offers fresh veggies, pre picked fruits, candies and foods straight from their onsite bakery.

Peach or blackberry cobbler with homemade ice cream is currently one of seasonal offerings at the store; we opted for blackberry cobbler with peach ice cream instead of vanilla. The wrap around porch provides views of the flowers and fields; we grabbed a couple of the many rocking chairs and enjoyed our dessert after a long hour of berry picking in the sun. Experiencing our own southern culture, right here at home can be surprisingly rewarding.


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