From Asia to Ethiopia in a Day

Travel and food seem to go together, so what if you could do it all in one day? What if you could hit Ethiopia and Asia in just a few hours? Well, we did just that today. We headed out about 8:30 AM to dodge the traffic bullet. After a stop at Trader Joe’s to stock up on some some wholesome goodies, we visited the Asian market…better known as H MART…”the best of Asia in America”. After shopping for more take home options, it was time to enjoy a real cultural treat.

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen was the next stop. I had never had Ethiopian food, but I’m SO glad I did ! It’s the beginning of a whole new world…or part of the world…to me now !

I’ll have to admit, I didn’t know what many things…if any…on the menu were. But thanks to one of my best friends of 40+ years… we made some great choices! The atmosphere was authentic. The food was also very authentic with an addition of amazing, and delicious ! We had a vegetable sampler with filet mignon tibs. See? I did learn something. When I first sat down, I wondered, what in the world is a TIB? Now I know!

I still couldn’t tell you exactly what everything was, but it appeared to be a sample of just about everything.

Injera bread is like a spongy tortilla that works better than a fork when scooping up one, or a variety of the flavorful foods.

The vegetable platter is definitely enough for two. Add the meat tibs and you will probably be asking for a to-go box. The salad was amazing with just the right amount of dressing.

The gomen…or collard greens, added that substantial touch of  comfort food.

The meat was tender, perfectly seasoned with a bit of a grilled taste.

I could go on and on but my descriptions would be so inadequate. The menu includes a sidebar that explains what each item is.

Next time I hope to have enough room left for a yummy latte. Either way, you will definitely leave content and happy!


  1. what a great article…..and……..there are several other Ethiopian restaurants in the immediate area —all worth a visit.

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