Hajime: Authentic Ramen in Atlanta

Ever since we left Japan, I’ve had a longing for authentic foods like soba, matcha tea and especially ramen. When I say “ramen”, I don’t mean a styrofoam cup of microwave noodles. Real, Japanese ramen consists of a flavorful pork broth, house made noodles, spices, seaweed and a soft boiled egg. You’ll find little tweaks here and there depending on where you go and what you order.

We heard about Hajime from a friend; and given that its location near Cheshire Bridge is right in the mix of a bundle of fantastic Asian restaurants, we decided to try it. Shockingly, their ramen ranked right up there with noodle dishes I tried in Japan, and as far as ramen goes, it may be better than what I had in Japan! The noodles are made in house, and you can opt for spicy noodles which take the soup to another level. You can select the level of “heat” for your broth; I’d suggest staying at a 1 if you are even remotely sensitive to spicy foods. The egg was soft and creamy on the inside, the way a soft boiled egg should be, and a few other veggies accented the dish.

I also tried the little triangles of rice, which are also highly popular in japan; you can find them at a store called “Lawson’s”. While the ramen was the “hands down” best thing here, these were really good too.

I’m on a mission to try top rated Japanese foods in Atlanta, but so far, Hajime is number one.

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