Sloppy Joe’s: Ernest Hemingway’s Hangout

Key West was strongly influenced by one of its famed residents, Ernest Hemingway. His home serves as a popular museum, which tourists flock to for a detailed tour of what his life was really like.

Hemingway spent much of his time at a local bar, Sloppy Joe’s. Still open to the public, memorabilia of affiliation with the writer, and other historical moments coat the walls. The dark wood and classic old style bar feel reminiscent of the days that Hemingway would sit back and throw back a few.

While we didn’t hit the hard stuff, we enjoyed a few of their quirkily named boozy beverages like the frozen “Pain in the Ass”, which is a pina colada and rum runner mix. A Hemingway Mojito with Pilar Rum, mint, lime, simple syrup and club soda is perfect for cooling off after walking the humid streets; naming a classic drink after the writer just seems appropriate. We didn’t try the food, we just soaked up the culture and enjoyed the live music.

The little things are what influence our trips the most. Sometimes it seems like an insignificant stop, but then it takes you by surprise by turning into something uniquely enriching.

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