A Food Fest in Key West

No matter how much beauty surrounds you, or how much there is to do…you still get hungry ! Whether it’s your whole sea food self or just your sweet tooth calling, Key West has it all.

Get those eyes open with a cup of Cuban coffee. Many varieties of the best coffee I’ve ever had come alive…just as you will…at The Cuban Coffee Queen.

If breakfast is next on your menu…get up and have it with the chickens at “Blue Heaven“. The cute feathery friends will also be glad to join you later for dessert if you’re craving a piece of their famous…and yes, heavenly…key lime pie !

Time for lunch and trouble deciding? Problem solved ! The Lobster Shack won’t disappoint with a Key West favorite lobster roll ! Just imagine those big chunks of fresh lobster on a traditional New England roll. Or maybe you’re dreaming of a gooey lobster grilled cheese. Not a lobster fan ? Hard to believe but if that is the case…they have shrimp, too !

As the day winds down the hunger usually cranks up ! Nestled between Ibis Bay Resort and an amazing kayak adventure, is The Stoned Crab. I have never seen sea food this fresh from the sea shore ! Say THAT three times as fast as you can ! However, “fast” is the last thing you’ll want to be while dining at this fabulous restaurant ! The food you’re experiencing was in the ocean just hours before being on your plate. The chef himself goes out early in the morning to retrieve your catch of the day. The appetizer tray is so gorgeous you’ll be taking selfies with it. The lobster buckets full of pink shrimp, crab claws,crab legs and lobster…along with corn on the cob are plenty to share…especially after all that “appetizing” !

If you’re still looking for a little something to cap off your Key West day…Mattheessen’s Key lime ice cream is a perfect way to call it a day…and “chill” !






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