5 Things to Know About Holy Donut; Portland, ME

The Holy Donut easily tops the breakfast bucket list of the culinary colorful city of Portland, Maine. Sure, there lots of fancy places to grab something in the morning, but this donut shop dominates.

Their Ingredients are Wholesome

Only natural ingredients comprise the heavenly taste of a Holy Donut. They are also known for their Maine potato donuts, which actually contain mashed up spuds. Potatoes make for a soft, fluffy, moist donut with a thin crispy exterior we all love. While still a sugary breakfast, you can tell they don’t go overboard with the sweetness. So this proves there’s actually donuts you can feel kind of good about.

They Have a Ton of Rotating Flavors

The same thing isn’t always available, but that’s okay because everything is good. Ginger, berry glaze, cinnamon, cannoli, savory bacon cheddar, dark chocolate, maple, lemon traditional glaze and jam filled are only the tip of the iceberg.

They Have Two Locations

Exchange Street and Park Avenue both have a Holy Donut location. That’s good to know, because they are slammed in the mornings!

They Close When the Donuts are Gone

The donuts for the day are baked fresh, and once the last morsel is gone, the shop shuts down for the day. They suggest arriving before noon to be sure you get your pick, but I wouldn’t even push it that far. The earlier the better. Have in mind what you want before getting to the front of the line…things move fast!

Grab and Go

We were only able to snag 15 minute parking, so we couldn’t sit down to eat inside. While there is a small lounge and refillable coffee, it’s still probably best to collect your loot and head out.

Holy Donut is a Portland must; each donut is enormous, so you can split a few amongst a small group to get a taste of everything. It’s overwhelming to be in a city with so many choices, but you can’t go wrong with this one.


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