Sun in My Belly; Atlanta Brunch

Sun in My Belly (or S.I.M.B), is another amazing brunch hotspot in Atlanta. We went straight for the breakfast items, and it fulfilled the hunger for southern-chic home cooking.

My mom and I both had a pimento cheese omlet, which was an enormous, skillet cooked egg pancake folded around their famous sweet bacon and pimento cheese. It’s really hearty.

The omelet comes with a side, so we opted to try a lavender biscuit. This biscuit epitomizes what I mean when I say “southern-chic”. Slightly crispy on the outside and moistly fluffy on the inside, the biscuit itself is just like the ones southern grandmas make. Lavender gives it that little twist that people like to find in Atlanta, but the taste of it was so faint you wouldn’t know it was there if you weren’t told. I really liked that about it.

S.I.M.B house makes their jams; it’s a surprise as to what variation you’ll get, but it will likely be something in season. We had apple cherry, which was a lot like apple butter with notes of fresh cherry juice. So good! It was hard deciding whether to dip each biscuit bite into the jam, or to taste the amazing flavor on its own. Tough life decisions.

We split an order of crispy potatoes, which were skillet browned with peppers and onions. Again, home cooking at its finest.

Other notable things would be the coffee, which was bold and smooth, the spacious setting and parking lot, and the versatile menu. There is a huge variation of egg dishes with unexpected ingredients; like the Belly Benedict with sweet potatoes instead of an English muffin. You’ll have to go on the weekends to get that dish. There were tons of salads I’m dying to try, so next time I’ll truly do brunch; maybe a biscuit and a salad!

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