Turkey Cinnamon Roll: Thanksgiving Breakfast

Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday; all the glorious food, setting up the Christmas tree and kicking off shopping season. We do tend to leap over Thanksgiving, going straight into Christmas. This year we’ve added a few turkey touches to reminisce in the last autumn celebration.

We whipped up some turkey cinnamon rolls, in an aesthetic sense of course. The idea derived from Pinterest.

We Baked Annies Organic cinnamon rolls and drizzled the provided icing on while hot. After they had slightly cooled, we stuck Yum Earth Organic candy corn on for noses, and chocolate chips for eyes. Bacon was used for tails!

I accompanied our breakfast with a pepper, mushroom, spinach scramble. This keeps us from wanting too many sweet rolls!

Enjoy making these easy, festive treats with the kids, or just for yourself. So easy and delicious! Happy Thanksgiving!

photos by Pam Tyson-Yasinski

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