Rockport Maine; What to Do

Rockport, Maine is another beautiful  harbor along Maine’s coast; it backs right up to Camden, a popular shopping hub. We loved staying in Rockport because it was just outside the bustling areas, but still close enough to drive to everything. There was plenty to see and do.

250 Maine Hotel

We stayed in the tallest building of Rockport, which had a spectacular rooftop terrace with gorgeous views of the harbor. The modern-industrial structure was originally intended to be luxury apartments, but when that plan fell through, it became a boutique hotel.

The rooms are all unique with unusual wall paper and colors, while the bathrooms are spa-like and pretty huge.

A lot of extras come with the stay; like an afternoon wine social with complimentary cheese and wine, as well as a provided breakfast. While simple, it’s a luxurious and beautiful place to stay.

Sail Heron

The Heron is a classic sail boat run by a two-man crew in Rockport. They host sunset, dinner and eco cruises that last a couple of hours. Watching them pull the sails using old fashioned techniques feels incredibly authentic. The boat gently whips through the waters as a crew member explains the history of the area.

The Heron departs for the grenadines in the winter, so you’ll have to catch your sale spring through summer, or in the very early fall.

Boynton Mckay Breakfast

This breakfast hotspot is hopping in the mornings, but it doesn’t take too long to get a booth. Put your name in when you enter, and once assigned a table you can stand in line to order food.

Their skillets are popular, and are filled with a variation of veggies, meats and eggs. But the blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup were the best. Seriously, it’s hard to find a pancake with unsweet batter, and perfectly fresh fruit. Maine blueberries are made for pancakes, because they are small, tart, and don’t mush into the batter. Out of all we tried, Boynton McKay had the very best.

Camden Deli Whoopie Pies

With prices extremely reasonably at around 3$, Camden Deli has the perfect traditional whoopie pie on your Maine food bucket list. Whoopie pies remind me of an icecream sandwich, but with a sweet whip in the center instead of ice cream.

We split our pie because they are really really big, and we had more on the list to taste that day. A lot of Maine shops have great pies, often touting theirs as the best. But Camden Deli is the best.


We melded Rockport and Camden together, because they are so close by and Rockport is much smaller. The shopping in Camden is great, the streets are lined with souvenir, T-shirt, home goods and antique shops. Uncle Willy’s Candy Shop is a standout for takehome goods; I only wish I had bought more pecan pie caramels. You can smell candy cooking in the Kitchen when you walk into the two story cottage. More gimmicky souvenirs like maple syrup lobsters are available for purchase too. The caramels and maple candy did just fine in my carry on bag.

Keep in mind, when the season is drawing to an end, things close up pretty early. Plan Your day accordingly.

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