Fall in Kennebunkport, Maine

We arrived in Kennebunport, Maine, a waterfront town in the lower parts of the state, on October 1st. Immediately, I was in love with the historical charm and festive town square. Literally everyone was in the midst of, or already finished,  draping their homes and businesses with halloween flare.

The Nonantum Resort employees were out on the lawn creating adorable scarecrows, from lobsters to zombies. Mums accented around the front door while garlands and autumn leaves added color to windows and entrances.

One of the custest things was the Halloween fairy garden right off the front deck. Look closely at the detail!

When walking into the lobby, a staircase decorated with faux trees, lights and foliage welcomed us, and the century old charm added to the coziness.

The Resort also serves seasonal treats at a massive breakfast buffet which is included in the stay. Apple cider pancakes, pumpkin coffee cake, sweet potato dishes, raisin French toast and a veggie egg blend really kicked off an autumn morning in a town that literally looks as if it were pulled from a story book.

We strolled to the town square and bought a few Christmas trinkets from The Copper Candle, then went to the famous Rococos artisan ice cream shop where I indulged in a goat cheese, fig and whiskey ice cream, with an extra scoop of molasses ginger snap, all piled in a salty pretzel cone. I simply have no words, so maybe the picture will do it justice.

To try everything we wanted to taste, we had to break things up by snacking. The Clam Shack served up fried, whole clam belly which was simple, slightly salt and focused completely on the amazing clam flavor. This was my favorite savory dish in Kennebunport.

Allison’s served up my second favorite with their creamy clam chowder. I tried a ton of chowder in Maine, more than one would probably think…like 12 bowls in a week, because I had it nearly every meal. It could be easily said that Allison’s was a top contender.

We saw a lot of beautiful foliage throughout the entire state, but our most unique leaf peeping excursion was with Coastal Maine Kayak. We paddled into areas not accessible by boat, and had a front row view of gorgeous trees lining the inlets. Goat Island was a notable stop as well, and we were able to walk right up to the old bell tower and lighthouse.

Kennebunport was the most amazing fall town I’ve been to. The trees and coast blended together for an experience I’ve never had, and everyone’s festive spirit and decorating skills were contagious. When I got home, I kicked things up a notch, and didn’t even think that was possible because I’m a Halloween fanatic. There was nothing quite like cozying up with chowder and peering out the windows at the peaceful waters, colorful trees and glowing lights all around town.

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