POW Gloves for Breast Cancer

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month on the horizon, people are looking for ways they can support the cause. There probably aren’t many people who haven’t been affected by this disease, and there are always things you can do to help; even by buying a pair of gloves.


POW Gloves manufactures some of the most durable, effective hand gear known to the winter sports world, and I gave them a try during Jackson Hole’s most frigid winter in years. From sunset hikes through knee deep snow, which I had to claw out of at times, to hanging out on the blisteringly cold Rendezvous Peak, my hands were insulated through a base grip “Amphib” glove, and a Gortex top mitten. There were times when I had to remove the top layer because my hands were a bit too warm! Anyone else thinking about that Dumb and Dumber scene?

Gloves for Breast Cancer

The particular pair of gloves I wore were quite special; part of the proceeds go toward Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC), a non-profit foundation providing education and support of breast cancer, through action sports, events and outreach. Their mission is to promote detection as well as healthy and active lifestyles for breast cancer prevention.

The Look

A pink, orangish B4BC color-way is embroidered onto the grey bottom portion of the predominately white, waterproof fabric, allowing it to brightly standout as an ode to all of those fighting.

While riding a bus to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR), I was standing up, holding on to one of the overhead stabilizing handles. Two women sitting in front of me noticed my gloves and were immediately curious of the meaning. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness, and they loved the meaning as well as the look.

You can find the W’S FALON GORE-TEX® Mitt online; be sure to select the white pair with the emblem if you want the Breast Cancer Awareness version.

POW has a vast selection of other gloves too, that fit unique needs. The ROYAL GORE-TEX® GLOVE for men comes in a rugged yellow and is made with leather. They were easy to wipe clean and were extremely mobile, making them a good fit for more extreme activities.

POW: A Brand with Meaning

“At POW we believe in the power to educate and inspire a positive sustainable lifestyle for individuals and communities, as well as supporting women and those affected by breast cancer,” says POW’s site.

They also work with other non profits by donating proceeds of certain purchases. POW sees the importance of working through and giving back to our community.

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