10 Reasons to Visit Nestle Inn Indy

I didn’t expect to find myself in Indianapolis, until I was asked by T1international, an organization providing support for type 1 diabetics around the world, to speak at an insulin rally outside Eli Lilly Headquarters. Our stay at the Nestle Inn was short, but had us falling in love the minute we walked through the front door.

1. Painless Check In

You are given a passcode prior to arrival, which allows you to enter the front door at any time. Your key is waiting in your room for a seamless check in process.

2. Treats and Refreshment

Cinnamon rolls, famous butter bars, tea, coffee, biscotti, soft drinks and bottled water are always placed in common area fridges and on antique buffet tables. You can smell the baked goods aroma flooding the Victorian style inn through the day. The butter bars are heaven.

3. Traditional Architecture

While there are modern touches to keep guest rooms comfy and up to date, traditional charm and structure makes this a historical retreat full of carved wood, restored  flooring and Victorian touches. The layout is simple, with an elegant lower level with common areas and guest quarters, a second floor largely comprised of guest room space, and a third floor that is just one big guest room.

4. Amazing Breakfast

While the innkeeper may not be preparing your breakfast downstairs so you can squeeze around the table with strangers, they do provide a voucher for every morning to Henry’s Coffee Bistro, which is right next door.

The Bistro serves awesome lattes, cinnamon butter waffles, muffins, pastries, omelets and bagels. The waffle gets an A+ from me, and the cream cheese pumpkin muffin was out of this world.

On weekends, you get more breakfast dining options like Louie’s Wine Dive. It is a bit more of a walk, but if you have time you should eat there. We could not go for breakfast, but did enjoy a seared sesame tuna salad some incredible brussel sprouts for dinner.

5. Location

Indianapolis sprawls out further than many cities, so there are multiple “hot spots”. Nestle Inn is situated beside the iconic Mass Avenue, where there are tons of shops, restaurants and artistic features. We enjoyed just walking, but did do some shopping too!

6. Private Bath

Inns are commonly associated with bathroom sharing, and no one likes that. But Nestle Inn’s rooms all have their own bathroom, and each are eclectically designed with fun decor and home-like touches. Our bath was simple, with red tile accents and freshly snipped flowers. Very cute and cozy.

7. Behind the Scenes Service

Like to be left alone on vacation? Nestle Inn has developed a system where all your needs are met, without really seeing anyone at all. We’d come back to a freshly made bed, and would wake to fresh baked cinnamon rolls, but attendants whipped in and out so fast, we almost felt as if we had the place to ourselves.

8. Plenty of Paces to Lounge

Small parlors, cozy nooks and a huge porch offered plenty of places to sit back and relax. I enjoyed making some tea then soaking in the beautiful September sun on the porch surrounded by flowers and lush foliage.

9. History

I felt as if I’d stepped back in time, to simpler days while staying here. They’ve done a fantastic job modernizing, while keeping historical elements. For example, our flat screen tv was tucked away in  a rustic wardrobe.

10. Feels Like Home

The cozy atmosphere combined with the special touches really do make you feel at home. Those elements are what make a vacation even more enjoyable, and I’d be thrilled to stay at Nestle Inn again.

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