The Southernmost Donut Shop: Glazed Donuts

While visiting Key West, Florida, a popular picture spot is the Southernmost Point.

Well, another amazing “southernmost point” is the southernmost donut shop; Glazed Donuts. This attraction isn’t just about location…they add island flare to their donuts with flavors like key lime, piña colada and blood orange bullseye. USA Today named the cozy, tropical spot one of the 10 best places to eat donuts in the country!

If breakfast is what it takes to get the “glaze” out of your eyes and in to your tummy, this is the place to do it. Glazed serves organic Red Buoy coffee. Available hot, iced and everything in between. Not only do they serve it, they grind it right there in the store. In fact, the (human) coffee grinder has been seen sifting through 300 pounds of coffee beans by hand to be sure no bad ones make it to your cup of coffee. While still in the breakfast mood, maybe a maple bourbon and candied bacon or Cuban coffee Dulce de Leche donut would cure the craving.

With so many flavors to choose from, we forgot to try the raved about version topped with…glaze. I couldn’t bring myself to say “just glaze”, because no donut on this shop is “just” anything ! However, some varieties are seasonal, so call ahead if your heart’s tastebuds are set on a certain one. This will give you time to reset on another just as delicious substitute that will certainly not disappoint !

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