Breakfast at Margaritaville Beach Resort

Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort in Florida merges the famous restaurant with a family friendly resort experience. From a kids pool complete with water features and slides, to a “grown ups only” pool toward the top of the towering building, this place epitomizes everything Jimmy Buffet is about; relaxation, drinks and the beach.

What I didn’t expect was a pretty amazing breakfast. Right off the lobby, there’s a coffee shop that features quick grab breakfasts which exceeded my expectations, but the actual on site Margaritaville restaurant was where I had my favorite breakfast.

Keeping with the tropical theme, a lot of the morning menu items are fresh and fruit based with considerable island flare. The parfait is layered with granola, berries, apples and an subtly sweet sauce that gives off tastes of raspberry. (Probably because it was raspberry, but I can’t be sure  😉 )The yogurt wasn’t sweet, which was nice, given all of the fruit mixed in.

I like eating sweet stuff for breakfast, so I complimented the parfait with a fruit plate complete with banana, pineapple, berries and melon. Each piece of fruit was perfectly ripened and not hard or overly crunchy in the least. The bananas looked like they were sliced seconds before.

While these seem like simple breakfast selections, I was impressed with the quality. Quality is what counts. The atmosphere and beach views at the restaurant were a great way to start off our day. And the coffee was perfection too!

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