Wyoming, Warmth and Waffles

When the weather report says it “feels like 97°”, I have to take myself back three months ago to my visit to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Their cold is not like Georgia’s cold. Of course, in the snowy mountains out west, you are normally dressed better for it. But at the same time, it’s a refreshing type of cold. The snow was not wet and slushy. It was a dry powdery snow that could be brushed right off. It was a snow that definitely reached the magical point!

Riding “Big Red”

But I’m going to have to say, riding the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort “Big Red” tram up to the top of the mountain was a different story. The icy wind blew so hard that hair styles no longer existed. Instead, they became head wraps that completely covered our eyes. I am an avid picture taker. I don’t pass by many things that I don’t take a picture of. But this mountaintop made me totally surrender that option. First of all, I couldn’t see past my “hairdo”. So in this one case, I gave up recording the gorgeous views for refuge in a tiny, cozy spot called Corbet’s Cabin.

Magical Waffles

As soon as I walked in the door, all I could feel was warmth and all I could smell was waffles. My son and I were not too terribly hungry, but oh those waffles! Those warm, amazing, melt in your mouth waffles ! As the wind blew the snow against the cabin’s window panes, I was finally getting to live out a Currier and Ives moment. Frosted window panes, candles (ok…lights) gleaming inside…but instead of painted candy canes on the tree…it was brown sugar butter waffles on my plate. Soon to be in my tummy and a memory made that we will never forget.

Bringing the Magic Home

Upon returning home, months later, we still have not forgotten! We had to have more of those waffles! So I pulled out my imagination and plugged it into my recipe making mind. After a try or two, I had it! Maybe not exact, but certainly close enough.

I softened some butter…REAL butter. I mixed equal parts of butter and brown sugar. It went very fast, so the next time I tripled it and stored leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator. I proceeded to make my waffles following the Bisquick original recipe. The same waffles I’ve made for my kids for the past 30 years. This time they had a unique twist. A wintery mountain twist. As soon as the hot waffle was ready to come out of the waffle iron, I quickly cut it in half, generously spread the brown sugar butter and placed the other waffle half on top…sort of like a sandwich. I quickly wrapped it in my already prepared sheets of foil and served them to my family who was anxiously waiting to bring back those memories that we brought home from the most beautiful…and coldest…mountaintop view we had ever seen.

We may never have a snow like that. We may never have another view like that. And our window panes won’t be frosted. But as we sit around the table opening our foil full of steamy sweetness…the sweetest part of all is the memories we made together. The coldest we’ve ever been definitely made one of our warmest family memories.

Oh…and I did take those gorgeous pictures on the way down ! I just can’t help myself ! 😉

Written By: Pam Tyson Yasinski

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