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Okinawa Snorkeling


Welcome to Paramour Explore. I’ve been freelance writing for nearly three years, after deciding my career as an Emergency Medical Technician wasn’t going to work out long term.

I began writing Wellness and Lifestyle pieces for Livestrong, Mother Earth Living and diabetic related magazines. However, I desperately wanted to incorporate my love for exploring culture, wildlife and other places around the world. Slowly, I began merging into travel writing.

I still wasn’t ready for my own blog, but after encouragement from my husband and family, I’ve decided to pursue it. I’ve done and have seen amazing things that I’m excited to share.

The site is aimed at practical and sustainable travel. Yet I also wanted to incorporate other life exploration aspects such as recipes from different cultures, foodie destinations, family directed trips and little ways to explore in your very own home. Travel is so enriching because it involves an immersion in an new place, but sometimes those places are right under our noses.

I’m excited to share deep details of our travels; from the straight up amazing to the hilariously awful. You live and learn, right?

And in case you were wondering, Paramour has many meanings and it has nothing to do with the rock band. It’s meaning has evolved from “lover”, to simply a meaning of general love. So our title reflects our love to explore.

So welcome, be interactive, comment, suggest, share your experiences.

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