5 Things to Know When Visiting a Sushi-Go-Round

Does a sushi-go-round sound like something straight from your dreams? If you love Japanese food, it is.

I first saw one of these contraptions in Hawaii, but didn’t try it until I went to Japan. These genius restaurants literally have conveyer belts moving fresh, small plates right past hungry sushi lovers. We now have one near Atlanta; and from Japan to the US, this is what you need to know.

1. Take What You Touch

The plates at Kura, near Atlanta, are protected by a plastic bubble; if you tug on the plate’s edge, it will release. Make sure to take the one you touch, because if the bubble is tampered with, the poor sushi goes to waste. They didn’t have these protected plates in Japan, making it even more important to not touch without grabbing.

2. You Can Order Too

You aren’t limited to what’s on the belt; a touch screen at your table allows you to submit orders! In Japan, they’d come on the belt specially marked, but here at Kura, they zoom right to your table on a separate delivery shelf.

3. There’s More Than Sushi

Many Japanese favorites are on the menu; ramen, udon, mochi and fresh fruit, to name a few. Don’t hate mochi until you’ve tried it wrapped around ice cream.

My favorite non-sushi item may be crispy sesame balls that are filled with a sweet center. They come out hot and delicious.

4. You Get Prizes at Kura

The Doraville location has some fun ways to reward hungry customers. After you insert 15 plates into the slot on your table, a Japanese surprise rolls down through a tube. The trinkets are things you’d find in Japan. We got some spooky sushi decorative stickers!

5. The Price is Right

Japan’s plates ran around $1.00 a piece. At Kula, your basic sushi plates are around $2.25, but tend to be more generous. Elaborate, super filling, or seasonal dishes may reach $5.00, but most everything stays below that. I will note the food at Kura might be better than in Japan (gasp). I say this because my Americanized taste buds love all the marinades and flavors often absent with Japan sushi. Garlic Ponzu Salmon; need I say more?

Sushi-Go-Rounds are a fun experience for adults and kids; perfect for switching things up! Kura is located on the outskirts of Atlanta in Doraville; we give it 5 out of 5 stars!

Photos by Pam Tyson-Yasinski

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